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Extrusion-Kneader Type VI U

As a leading world-wide-manufacturer of mixing and kneading machines AMK has produced this equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramic and allied industries for more than 100 years.

Being an originator of kneading machines AMK introduced the extrusion of the convention tiltable kneader.

The extrusion-kneader enables a fixed installation of all supply connections such as pipe lines for heating/cooling fluids, compressed air, electrical supply conduits etc.


900 Liter working capacity
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The method of discharge is by means of an extrusion screw situated in a separate concave recess and it is virtually possible to extrude the final product in its finished form with the use of specific extrusion dies.


Working capacities from 2,5 to 4000 litres. Mechanical or hydraulic drives (PLC on request). Materials: All workable ferreous and non-ferreous materials wich are generally available.

Heating/cooling: By double jacket system fabricated in accordance with German regulation for pressure vessels /HPO).

Vacuum and overpressure construction also available.



Kneader-Extruder VIU with 4 and 3000 Liter working capacity

In the AMK-Laboratory are Tilt- and Extrusion-Kneaders available.



AMK Tilt-Kneader Type IIU

For discharge tiltable over the front blade.

Size 1 to 2.000 Liter working capacity.


AMK Tilt-Kneater Type IV U

For discharge tiltable over a high mounted fulcrum at the front of the machine.

Sizes 1 to 4.000 Liter working capacity.


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